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At UXP-CarCare, we believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive growth and provide exceptional products to our customers. If you are a business looking to offer high-quality car care solutions, we invite you to partner with us and become an authorized seller of our products. Join us in protecting cars and keeping them always on the road!

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  • Innovative and Reliable Products: Our range of car care products is designed to deliver outstanding performance and protection. From heat self-healing PPF to matte appearance films, our products offer advanced features such as hydrophobic ability, anti-yellowing properties, and superior chemical resistance. Our TPU resin, imported from the USA, ensures exceptional quality.
  • Diverse Product Selection: We offer a selection of four distinct products, each catering to different customer preferences and needs. Whether it’s our clear gloss TPU films with varying thicknesses or our matte appearance PPF, we have options to suit different applications and desired outcomes.
  • Competitive Pricing and Wholesale Options: We provide competitive pricing for our products, ensuring that our partners can offer attractive pricing to their customers. Additionally, we offer wholesale terms and discounts for bulk orders, allowing you to maximize profitability and cater to larger customer demands.
  • Warranty and After-Sales Support: We stand behind the quality of our products and offer warranty periods for each product variant. Our dedicated after-sales support team is available to assist with any technical inquiries and provide prompt solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing and Promotional Collaboration: As a partner, you gain access to our marketing and promotional resources. We can provide you with product images, brochures, and other marketing materials to help you effectively promote our products to your target audience. We can also collaborate on joint marketing campaigns and cross-promotion to expand brand visibility.


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    Frequently Asked Question!

    The size any modifications or fiddling on the body panels.

    Installing Paint Protection Film (PPF) on tail lights is not advisable. Tail lights generate heat, which can cause PPF to warp, bubble, or discolor. PPF can also affect the brightness and clarity of the lights

    When compared to other protection products, the PPF is regarded as safe. It is deemed safe for new car paint because of its secure application and lack of need for any modifications or fiddling on the body panels.

    It can be done to apply PPF to the headlights of cars as well as high-exposure locations like the front end, bumpers, side-view mirrors, and fog lights.