Diamond protection

UXP’s Diamond Protection Film offers exceptional protection for the vehicle’s exterior with its state-of-the-art top coat and hydrophobic surface. It repels dirt, wetness, and grit and offers self-healing properties to maintain a flawless appearance. Crafted using top-quality imported materials, it provides superior adhesion and longevity. The Diamond PPF glossy finish offers outstanding optical clarity, and UXP offers a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.


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  • Soft,good stretch and easy installation
  • The Anti-contamination slick surface helps repels dirt, wetness, and grit from roads.
  • Self-healing when exposed to heat
  • Super anti chemical and anti yellow
  • Superior imported materials

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Easy installation with UXP Diamond is possible thanks to its unique air-channel adhesive layer. with its soft,good stretch Applying UXP Diamond is a quick and hassle-free process. The low-tack adhesive allows for seamless removal, leaving behind no sticky residue.When exposed to heat, the advanced qualities of the top coat erase fine scratches and swirl marks.the film’s naturally slick surface helps repels dirt, wetness, and grit from roads.Superior materials with TPU resin is imported from USA and glue is from Ashland

With UxP’s PPF, the car’s exterior is more safeguarded against rock chips, surface scratches, insect splatter, and other types of bird droppings. It prevents stains, corrosion, and oxidation, while its UV resistance prevents fading and discoloration. With UXP, no more peeled, cracked, scratched, faded, oxidised, and discoloured clear coats; not only do we provide physical protection, but we also ensure the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and resale value.


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