Beat the heat and save energy with our cutting-edge KIR75100; it’s specifically designed to combat heat transfer with a UV radiation insulation percentage of up to 99%. This prevents UV rays from penetrating through the windows, safeguarding both your vehicle’s occupants and the interior surfaces from the damaging effects of UV radiation, such as fading and deterioration. The IR percentage reaches up to 95%. KIR75100 minimizes the transmission of IR rays, which are responsible for generating heat. By reducing IR radiation, our films contribute to a cooler cabin environment, even under intense sunlight.

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  • VLT: 75
  • IRR (950): 95
  • URV: 99%
  • Thickness:  2mil

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No Bubbles, No Cracking, No Peeling, No Color Change!

Our window tinting films offer a flawless finish with advanced technology and a meticulous installation process, ensuring no bubbles, cracking, peeling, or color change. They are highly resistant to cracking and peeling, ensuring the tint remains intact and pristine for years. It resists color fading, ensuring privacy and heat reduction while maintaining an attractive appearance over time. Our premium products provide the utmost satisfaction, long-lasting performance, and flawless installation. Choose UXP window tinting films for flawless protection.

UxP’s Maximized Protection
Our window tinting service provides the optimal solution for protecting your vehicle from intense ultraviolet radiation. It reduces the harsh glare and safeguards the interior upholstery and cabin from fading caused by these rays.

Our main objective is to search for global solutions and provide the finest thermal insulation materials to address the issues caused by intense ultraviolet radiation exposure on vehicles. We aim to offer the highest quality materials for automotive window tinting.


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